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Blog entry by Mary Cox

My experience with unemployed professors

My experience with unemployed professors

OK, I might be biased. But they could be great writers in the real world. So I requested a short task. Here's some context: A 250-word discussion topic was given to me.

I was short on time so I decided I would hire professionals to help me. Unemployed Professors registered me, I placed an online order, and the top expert writer was chosen based upon their ratings. You can't deny that I was disappointed. Find out why. Find out why.

Register an Account

I'll begin with the registration process. First of all, the service requires you to sweat through many hoods. Why is that? In order to create an account on their site, your country and state/province must be provided. (Why do they require this information in the first instance?) Then, you will need to go through a lengthy sign up process.

By the way: You can use an Unemployed professors promo code during registration. However, I was unable to find a promo code for Unemployed Professors. I could not find any mention of coupon codes on the site. So why does the website mention promo codes. It's a mystery.

Place an Order

Placing orders and receiving a finished assignment requires a lot more thinking. Here are the main points of the Unemployed Professors' order form.

Insufficient Order Type Categories

As I have mentioned, I intended to order a topic post. But such a category doesn't exist. What assignments do students actually write? This issue only demonstrates the incompetence and total incompetence this service displays.

Profiles of writers are extremely vague

You're expected to read the profiles of professors, and then choose those with the experience you need. This is how a reliable bidding platform should work. But Unemployed Professors are a completely different story. Their profiles are all fake. These "professors", as they are called, post generic pictures to their profiles. Butterflies? Are they serious It smells like a fraud. It's not fair.

Note: Professors' Ratings Not Valid

Each professor without a job has a performance score. I was surprised to find a writer of high caliber who had nine stars from ten. The question I have is: Does this company have any credible customer unemployedprofessors reviews? I would love to find out how the perfect rating was achieved. These ratings don't seem possible to me. Given all the other strange things I've come across, I suspect these guys "painted" the stars. No real professors are behind these ratings.

They provide "VIP services" that should be made available by default

Look at their VIP service, which includes follow-up questions as well as further assistance. Does that mean I won’t be able to get any help without paying an additional price?

I believe follow-up questions as well as assistance must be included in the standard package. It is a long-standing practice. But what are Unemployed Professors to do about industry standards, if they don’t know what a Discussion Post is?

Inconvenient Deadline Selection

This company is based in the Eastern time zone. All deadlines are accordingly. I have done many things to register on this site. But they want me more time-consuming. What will they ask for? My opinion is that the time zone conversion belongs in the hands of Unemployed professors, not mine.

Online Reputation

Scrolling down the homepage for Unemployed Professors, it became apparent that this company has been featured in popular media channels such Reddit and the Huffington Post. "Wow! You might have guessed that this is a highly reputable and recognized writing agency. An excellent trick! This is a clever trick. These publications contain nothing unusual. I was even more shocked by the sheer amount of cringe these publications contained. You can see the Huffington Post magazine:

The post language seems to be a parody of the fraudulent fraudsters. This post is a sad attempt to promote myself. Also, check out the Business Insider post.

This piece was not proofread. It is ironic how this whole thing works. These cheaters make a mockery of themselves, show their lack of professionalism, and try desperately to appear better than what they actually are.

Review Platforms

Trustpilot has only 21 reviews. Surprisingly though, 90% of customers rated Unemployed Profs essay and paper services as outstanding. However, my experience has taught me that I would not trust the average and poor reviews.

Wrapping Up

Unemployed Professors, a non-professional writing bureau in disarray, is closing its doors. Their papers and essays are expensive pieces that won't get you a good grade.

My experience was a disaster from the time I registered an account to when I received my paper. This company failed at everything. Their writers don't even have the ability to write academic assignments. It was only by receiving a partial reimbursement that I saw that they still had some moral integrity. This cursed company should be avoided at all costs.

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